Semalt: Awesome WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site More SEO Mobile Friendly 

One great advantage of having your website on WordPress is that you're exposed to all these amazing plugins. Yes, there is a good and bad side to things, but in this case, many will agree that WordPress has more pros than cons. 

Optimization for mobile visitors has become essential to the survival of any website today. There is a dynamic shift to a user-first mentality. Brands are now being held accountable for their image alongside their products. Convenience is the most effective marketing strategy. Mobile-friendly website elements mean that a site is more convenient and offers a better user experience to visitors. 

Consumers love convenience, so everyone is developing a mobile-friendly website because, without one, you would be losing over 50% of search traffic. 

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Plugins or modules are pieces of code that add new functionalities to the core of WordPress sites. The versatility and power of these plugins are some of the reasons why people love them so much. These plugins also contribute as an important part of the workflow. Thanks to it being open-source, WordPress makes it possible to have hundreds of thousands of such plugins. 

Technically, plugin codes are written in the PHP programming language, and then they are built up so they can be easily installed from the administrative panel of a site. This saves any administrator the time and resources they previously would have had to spend adding all these features from scratch. 

Using WordPress for SEO

Thankfully for SEO pros, optimizing a website to be mobile-friendly isn't exactly rocket science. Almost anyone can use this open-source, user-friendly platform. There are both free and paid plugins for users. A good number of these plugins were created by well-experienced programmers. Several development companies and WordPress contribute to the enormous catalog of plugins which makes using the platform a lot of fun.
These plugins add a lot of mobile-friendly features such as being able to adapt and fit the screen, give users optimal user experience, and boosts your site's performance. 

In this article, we will be showing you some of the best WordPress Plugins we've seen. 

Installing A WordPress Plugin

It is a common belief that a plugin exists for any and everything you need. Think of plugins as a mobile app that can make even your craziest imaginations a reality. 

Installing a plugin is also as simple as installing an app. All a user needs to do is log into your administrative panel, click on the plugins section and select the AddNew option. 

To find the plugins you would like to add, there is a search function on the bottom left corner and when you have it, click install now and it begins this installation process. 

Note: It is important that you create a restore point of your site before installing a new plugin or an update. This will protect your site should any malware get installed alongside the plugin. 

WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly 

Now that we have established what WordPress plugins are let's show you some plugins which have shown exceptional promise. 


It would interest you to know that Google has gone as far as recommending this plugin as a must-have for your website. WPTouch is one of the plugins that make your WordPress site fit perfectly into any screen. 

The great part is that it doesn't change the original design of your WordPress site or content. Instead, it only teaches your website to optimize for different screens. The creators of WPTouch ensured they followed Google's guidelines on how to create a tool to add an efficient mobile user experience on a site. 

It accomplishes this task by using the following features:
  • The admin panel allows users to customize the mobile theme to give it a preferred page presentation and a mobile theme. With this plugin, users can change the language, colors, and other elements on the site.
  • It automatically changes your WordPress site, making it more mobile-friendly so users can access your website with their mobile phones and tablets with no difficulty. 
  • WPTouch is lightweight, so it doesn't take up too much bandwidth, and it doesn't damage your site speed. 
This plugin also allows your images, infographics, and other detailed information to automatically adapt and fit whatever screen they are being displayed on. 

It's no surprise Google sees that this plugin is a must-have. It gives you so many abilities besties mobile-friendliness. 

The free version of this plugin comes with only one mobile-friendly theme. Although this theme is indeed helpful, it offers almost nothing compared to what users enjoy from the full package. With the premium version, users can enjoy additional features such as: 
  • Display ad extensions 
  • Mobile caching 
  • Related post recommendation sections 
  • Other elegant themes for business and e-commerce sites


If you're looking for a WordPress plugin that helps you let go of several other unnecessary plugins, this is what you need. This is one of the most exceptional all-in-one WordPress plugins. It's a master in many fields, and it eliminates the need for several plugins. Its multiple features improve your site's security, enhance your marketing capabilities, add powerful design tools, and improve your site's performance. 

JetPack programmers also update their software monthly, so users are kept safe and enjoy the best features. Currently, JetPack has over 5 million downloads, and that number continues to climb. 


Smush Plugin adds informative and attractive features to a website. Such features include giving users the ability to engage with images, thereby improving user experience and the overall conversion rate of the site. We all know that images can take up space and impact your website speed. 

This award-winning image compressor and optimizer is no joke.  This plugin helps your images spontaneously compress when you upload them to a size that should have visibly affected your page speed. While it keeps your website mobile-friendly, it keeps your images at a size that can easily be displayed on browsers and devices.

Once installed, Smush will compress up to 50 images. Other Smush features include:
  • It optimizes images you haven't included in your media library
  • Drag and drop options for specific images for resizing 
  • Discover and optimize images that slow down your site
  • Allows you to set preferred maximum image width and height


WordPress is one of the most supportive website platforms out there. Its massive audience also makes it easy to use and quite supportive in times of need. These plugins are evidence that WordPress has all it takes to build a great website. 

Our SEO experts have sorted through thousands of plugins and we have a good understanding of what works best. Our services ensure that your website is structured for maximum impact. Contact us today and begin your journey to internet dominance. 

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